Custom Designs

Churches & Synagogue Stained Glass 
Commercial & Residential Stained Glass 

I research and develop "one of a kind" designs for my clients for houses of worship, residences and businesses. Finished products can be of any size, shape or quantity in lead or foil. I like designing with bevels when called for, and I have contracted, in the past, to do sandblasted or carved glasswork of designs I have created, although my real interest is in the design of stained glass. I purchase glass from several domestic and European manufacturers, distributed by several companies throughout the United States. Leaded projects are cemented, weatherized and cleaned. In contrast to others in the business, the finished product is as clean, shiny and pristine as possible, with no hint of residual cement, putty or other debris to take away from the beauty of the glass. All pieces are signed at the bottom of the window and copyrighted.

Finished products include general windows, sidelights, transoms, doors, overhead light boxes (such as in kitchens, bathrooms) cabinets, entryways, and some lighting fixtures. Kiln fired painted pieces are produced as well.
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